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Stan Krippner Emails

Hi Stan,

I have no formal training in meditation. In high school, I simply started laying flat on the floor and breathing very deeply, letting the exhale lengthen until I could clearly imagine a pure subvocal tone on it. I would slow my breathing until it had essentially stopped, letting this long tone flood out all thoughts and fill my whole body, until I feel a sense of ascent. Once I have that distinct subjective sensation of ascent to a higher state of consciousness, then I can begin to interact with the guides there. It is as if I must first cross over to their higher range of consciousness, which I conceptualize as crossing the boundary of a bandwidth, before they are able to hear and interact with me. Simply calling out or praying while in our waking baseline state of consciousness does not good! Ascent to their level is needed first -- and it is not always easy. I am sure there are techniques for ascending to this higher SoC more efficient than what I've taught myself, but I am not especially good at mental imagery, which seems to be an important to those techniques, like Harner's.

I have never attempted mindfulness, or "in the body" meditation. I have always simply used inward tone to ascend upwards, until it's simply automatic when I focus on breath. I always thought the practice was healthy.

Interestingly, when living with the shaman in Lapland this Summer, she claimed she saw me ascending upwards during her ceremony and she tried to restrain me, and bring me back to my body. She called on a plant helper, a tree that she used to root me to the Earth. I told her I did not understand, that I thought the shamanic journeyer was supposed to leave the room on the sound of the drum, using the drum like a motor to facilitate the travel upwards (or downwards.)

What is more interesting is that, almost as soon as I arrived to Finland -- to that old land of my ancestors that had been arranging itself like a red carpet, again and again, through inexplicable coincidence, to meet me -- my illness suddenly resolved. I tried to make sense of the total reversal, as I was NOT taking good care of myself at that time, at all -- yet I was getting better! Never saw anything like it... Felt very meaningful, like I was on the right track, somehow.

Harner says the meaningful or orchestrated coincidences, the synchronicities, mean you're getting closer to the path -- it means they're making arrangements for you. The ayahuasca is powerful in ways I don't fully understand -- in that it seems to alter coincidence around you, yet I am intimidated by it, exactly because it is both so powerful and I don't understand what it's opening. I do not know a shamanic practitioner in the Seattle area, but have attempted to work alone with the medicine in the past, with overwhelmingly significant results. But, again, dietary restraint seemed key to that progress, working with the brew.

I have purchased a small effigy, to pray to the Woman In White. This is very new to me, but it seems it helps to have something physical to focus the emotion onto while calling her, requesting her presence. I feel like I'm stumbling in the dark, experimenting, trying to find the way, the technique that works to reliably invoke presence and power. So much of this writing about the cultures, neurology, and beliefs of shamans, and so little in the way of actual functional techniques, applicable in a mid-range suburban Seattle apartment.

Thanks for listening, Stan. You are very kind and I genuinely appreciate your attention.


On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 5:09 PM, Stanley Krippner <skrippner@saybrook.edu> wrote:
I wish I could help more.

Have you consulted a shaman? I am very concerned with the bleeding. I am glad it diminished.

You need some POWER on your side. How are you trying to connect with it.

Be sure to send this through Compass for course credit.

From: Kaleb Smith <turboswami@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2015 4:31 AM
To: Stanley Krippner
Subject: Shamanic Experiences and Their Rationalization

Hi Stan,

I attached a rework of that experience essay you mentioned. I tried my best to rationalize them, and create some solid grounding in science and the electromagnetic spectrum, and attempted to suggest some potential avenues for researching the phenomena, with certain novel conditions and subjective measures.

It's long! Sorry about that. I even cut out all of the shaman stuff from the Amazon, and it still came out very long. Better than leaving something particularly meaningful out, as sometimes those subtle experiences are key to understanding a larger subtle system in place, or a different facet of the phenomenon.

Any advice you have for how to proceed with this spiritual experience. I mention how terrifying it was, and how I got hurt by the possession -- yet, it seems, if I try to ignore the spiritual interactions, and the direction they were leading me in, I think the internal bleeding will continue to progress... Any thoughts on how to proceed into this healing work, without getting hurt by those predatory entities that attacked my girl and me again?

Thanks Stan. You've really helped me so much.



Nov. 2nd, 2015 09:17 am (UTC)
Hey Stan,

Hope you're having a good trip. I was reading over that paper I sent you and realized the ending got pretty messy! (I started writing it after taking 10 mg of Ambien, for sleep, and that seemed to "make my thoughts long." hehe. ) But, hopefully you can make out some semblance of my intentions for the "Discussion" portion.

I am coming out of that bout with the internal bleeding and am feeling much better. It's a very delicate thing and requires I maintain such a strict daily practice and close self-restraint over diet and behavior. I’m noticing personality changes tied to the illness, cognitive changes related to thought association. There is the weakness and pain, but fogginess tied to that – fasting clears all of those aspects, keeps them in line and induces clarity. But a secondary, perhaps deeper cortico-networking change, in the semantic priming, that is leading to these long, empty-eyed dissociative states; the “thousand yard stare.” It is becoming more and more difficult to stave off these dissociative states, staring off with a distant disconnected gaze at the floor or a corner of the room. This is disconcerting, but, I believe, a genetic predisposition tied to mothers side, to a tendency to “dive beneath” into the subjective, introspective realm, the “inwards-upwards” and the “inwards-downwards.” I drop in with great ease, and meditation came naturally to me and quickly began to induce powerful experiences without much practice; flashes of light and mediumship experiences, wild energetic sensations coursing through my body. Yet, this “diving down” is becoming less and less a conscious act and more something happening, whether I like it or not! Staring off at the back of the car in front of me while driving, feeling myself enter a daze and lose focus on where I’m going. This development seems dangerous and something I’m not sure how to get under control, as it is something right deep in the associative structure of the brain, these long strings of thought associations that send me reeling. While I do not want to call these long thoughts tangential, I am often associating ideas that are very “distant” from one another on the semantic network (I made a youtube about it here that came out pretty good -- although my voice sounds so dorky! haha. )

The hope is that meditation could “strengthen that muscle” of focus and attention span, to keep it from growing lax or drifting. Yet, the fear is that there is an inevitable “point of no return,” where such cortical changes become concretized, and the structures of the brain are no longer so malleable or plastic as they once were, when I was 18 or 24. ​ I'll try to meditate more... how often do you meditate? I remember you were taking a moment at the conference and I was struck by how wonderful, and even a little brave, it is to be able to just drop into that state in the middle of public.

Ok Stan, just checking in. The next paper will have more references, and address the texts more. I just wanted to get the stories out there, since they're the root of all of this, after all.

All the best,


Stanley Krippner
Oct 23 (10 days ago)

to me
Hi Kaleb
I cannot do much downloading from Mexico and even less from China. So I do not mind getting emails like this one.
Yes, I meditate daily even if just for a few minutes. But what kind of meditation do you do? I would advise against doing a type of meditation that is dissociative. Mindfulness meditation might be more helpful.

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