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Entities of White Light

Kaleb Smith <turboswami@gmail.com>
Jan 2 (2 days ago)

to Stanley
Hi Stan,

As always, my entity interactions took place while I was completely sober although, unfortunately, I did not have the benefit of a girlfriend present this time to share the interaction experience with.

It occurred during my recent trip into the forest. If you recall, I had planned a week in the woods not long ago, to connect with spirit and try to create some good music. I brought my music studio and set it up in the remote cabin. I had been apprehensive about re-entering this spiritual side of my life, as my girlfriend and I had been attacked previously, as you know, and part of me was afraid of this more dangerous aspect of journeying. Yet, I knew it was not something I could run and hide from forever -- I needed to face my fear and be confident that those guides from before -- the woman in white and the lion entity -- were still with me.

So, the first night in the cabin, after loading and setting up all my things, I laid flat in the dark and began to ask for help. As genuinely as I could, I pleaded for my guardian spirits to return to me, to help and guide me through the journey ahead of me and protect me from dangers as I enter that realm. "White light, come to me. White light, enter me" is a common one, although I sometimes will call, specifically, to that female entity, the woman of white light, who I've come to call my Divine Mother.

First, I meditated until I could sense an inward ascent had occurred, and only then does it seem that my prayer is effective. I meditated and prayed for protection for 3 and a half hours there, in the dark, until my breath became very slow and I felt an ascent to a higher place. When I was in this place, I saw a pair of female eyes, cutting through the dark, gazing at me directly. They were smiling eyes and I was immediately relieved to see -- knowing that I'd FINALLY connected with her, after nearly 4 hours of trying. I could finally go to sleep, as I'd received a sign that I was not alone.

I did not sleep well, however. Not long after attempting to sleep, the door to the cabin was opened and three blonde women appeared there. They were beautiful, young, and Finnish and were awash in white light. They could not have been older than 19, and wore white, standing in a line in front of the doorway to the cabin. I realized then that they were protecting the doorway, allowing nothing harmful to come through. The girl on left side turned her head and smiled down at me in bed and it was absolutely radiant -- behind her was such a bright light, as if it were a beautiful sunny Summer day, and this light shone in onto the bed.

Being stupid as I am, I immediately sat up and removed my eyeshades to see them better... only to find myself sitting in the dark. But the purpose of their visit was clear -- I had begged for hours for protection from my white light ancestors, and they were protecting the doorway. They made their Finnish lineage known and I had the sense that they were young, as if being sent on this guardian errand by someone older.

At any rate, I knew I was, then, protected and had nothing to worry about going into the journey. But, this is the more incredible aspect of the ayahuasca experience is that the spiritual interactions begin BEFORE you drink it; at least this has been my personal experience, time and time again. It is as if they begin to prepare you for the journey, days, or even weeks, before the actual sensory neurotransmitter is ingested. I do not understand this aspect of the brew, but in this case, the preparation interaction was MORE powerful than the actual ayahuasca experience.

The next day, I began to set up the drums for the recording I intended to do that night and realized I'd forgotten drum sticks. I drove half an hour to Ellensburg, the closest city, to find a music store. I purchased the sticks and several other items and then thought to check out the rest of this quaint little downtown area. Next door was a record store and I browsed casually through about 26 cardboard boxes of vinyl records before noticing something unusual. Out of all of these 26 boxes, the owner of the store had adhered a single record to the front of a single box, with clear packing tape. All of the other boxes were blank, except for this one box and one record. The record she wanted, for whatever reason, to put on display was "Finlandia."

I thought it was strange, and with that small surge of Sibelius pride that all Finns feel when they see Finlandia, I took a picture of the box and continued on my way through downtown. Yet, as I walked, I began to think of WHY had she wanted just that one record to be shown to everyone who entered her store -- the one record not for sale. I began to relate it to the beautiful Finnish angels from the night before, who smiled with such warm grace onto me, to let me know I was not alone. And, at that moment, I felt such a surge of warmth that I began to cry silently, smiling so fully, just knowing that those beautiful guardians who had graced me with their kind loving presence so long ago were still with me, helping and guiding me, if I asked for their help genuinely, from my heart.

I crossed the street and entered a bookstore, where a heavyset balding 30 year old was flirting with an attractive brunette, nervously. I was looking over the Hinduism books when the two approached the aisle adjacent to mine, continuing their conversation.

"...he was attacked by a demon when he was young, and it hurt him bad. But when he learns how to control the demon, it transforms into an invisible armor and shield which he uses to enter the spirit world and battle and help people."

What in THE HELL were they talking about??? Apparently some fantasy book? But... it was me. He was describing my life to this girl, essentially, as I WAS attacked by a demon when I was younger and it did hurt me bad. And I HAD been begging for protection, all night long, so that I would have some way to be safe as I entered the spirit world once more. And, yet, here he was, describing all of this a few feet from me, indirectly, as if the path of the hero in the book he was describing needed to by my own -- if I wanted protection, I needed to learn to control this spiritual sensitivity that was so dangerous to me, and my loved ones, a decade ago.

So, perhaps the message is clearer than I let on, now that I write it out.

While I was in a mild hypnagogic state when the door to the cabin was opened and they appeared, I was not asleep. I was aware of the room and of my location, laying in the bed -- which, in the past, has implied an out-of-body experience for me, but this was distinctly IN the body, looking towards the doorway from my physical location.

Since these three angelic entities, powerful spiritual networking opportunities have started to open up in my life, and some very unusual physical phenomena, in my body... I really don't know how to interpret it, as it is different than the seizure states of the previous "emergency." I dont want to overwhelm you with text, though, Stan! Maybe the physical symptoms another time...

I just don't know what to make of it all. What do you recommend, or how best to interpret all of this?



On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:12 PM, Stanley Krippner <skrippner@saybrook.edu> wrote:
If their messages make no sense, then they are not actual entities. This is the difference between dreams (which almost always make sense) and drug-induced hallucinations (which rarely make sense, unless they are the result of psychedelics like ayahuasca).



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