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Breathless States

Breathless States

Kaleb Smith <turboswami@gmail.com>
4:08 PM (1 hour ago)

to Stanley, bcc: Cheryl
The internal bleeding and weakness seem to be the "ordeal," right? I've been contending with those for a while -- the illness seems associated more with the possession experience than the interaction with these Finnish ancestors of white light. If anything, they seem very healing and, since that interaction with them, powerful opportunities have started to open up in my life; synchronicities, openings, and meaningful coincidences that seem to be leading me towards a certain spiritual direction, involving both psychedelics and a community of people also interested in accessing their greatest potential. Harner says when these synchronicities start, you know you are on the right path, as you have earned their attention and their influence and grace in your life is evidence of that relationship, which was first established with that night flight interaction experience.

Something happened recently that really shook me up. I was invited to an unusual circle, through one of these synchronous "opportunities" I was talking about, which was using a sensory neurotransmitter, dimethyltryptamine, in a pure crystalline form. I almost sent you an email detailing the circle, but didn't want to bother you with too much reading of idle stories. But, anyway, during the experience, something very powerful happened in that I stopped breathing.

There was, all this time, a space at the end of a long, long exhale where you can rest, and just sit, and no longer need to breath. That peculiar charge, that vibratory sensation in the chest, simply became still and resonant and calm, seemed to maintain me, and what had been a very very low frequency of slow breath simply isolated, and flat lined. I felt no need to breath, for long minutes, and, when I did inhale, it was almost out of force of habit than need. When I had finally reached the end of that long charged exhale and simply stayed there, breathless, there was a powerful shift in the sensation of presence in the room and everyone became hushed, both musicians stopped playing, and everyone felt that I had touched on something.

The next person to inhale the neurotransmitter was a heavyset Hispanic man named Israel. He crawled across the floor to me and took up my face in his hands, gazing into my eyes and petting my head while the other 7 people in the room watched. He said he saw light shining from my eyes that made my whole head seem to radiate and that it felt as if there were a familiar presence coming through.

I am becoming more attentive to the peculiar vibratory sensation we'd talked about, the oscillatory electrochemical aspect of the nervous system which apparently changes dramatically during that state of ecstatic enthusiasm. During the breathless state, there was a charge felt, as if a high amplitude electrical current, resonating through the nerve networks of the body; seemingly originating from the bottom of the spine, but is sometimes first evident in the legs or chest. This quivering can lead to the convulsive state we'd talked about, with those full body shakes.

While with EEG, we have measured and studied these electrochemical oscillatory signatures in the brain, the oscillatory phenomena of the rest of the nervous system, as far as I know, remain largely unstudied. I want to measure these anomalous electromagnetic phenomena and map them to the particular spiritual and shamanic states of consciousness and enthusiasm within which they tend to occur most frequently and, with any hope, the methods of reliably inducing those particular states.

So, as best I can surmise, the same electrodes used to measure those neuronal firing rates of the brain can be applied to any other part of the body to, similarly, measure the firing rates of those nerve cells just the same. In this way, I think I could potentially capture this unusual oscillatory "resonance" phenomenon when it occurs and perhaps isolate it to key areas of the body or muscle groups. Breathing rate would also be worthwhile to measure alongside this vibratory electrochemical signature of ecstasy. I remember there was a breath measuring "girdle" at Stanford's Psychophysiology lab, although we never used it, I remember wanting to see it used.

In the William James Center, with Arthur Hastings at ITP, we used low resolution EEG caps during meditation. What was an interesting finding was that, when meditating with this slow exhale alongside another person in the EEG cap, there would be a wide surge in Alpha that crested alongside my exhale.

So, even though my friends and the shamans in the Amazon were unaware of the sound or rate of my breathing consciously, they would go "Ahhhh...." right alongside my exhale during this slow meditation. It was as if they were aware of the more subtle energetic "wave" of that slow breath's frequency. What was interesting was that this "Ahhh...." moment, where they feel the release of that slow crest, was measurable electrochemically with the EEG as Alpha range activity in (what I seem to recall) was the occipital lobe.

Anyway, I realize I am writing a long email again. I hope you do not mind, but all of this is coming to a head lately and I was wondering if you knew anything about these states of breathlessness? Is it a cultural thing somewhere? I just have no concept at all of what had happened, other than that it felt like I was touching on some very deep aspect of my potential that had been wanting to come out. It seems to have opened something meaningful in my life, but I have no reference or direction as to how to understand it. Any thoughts?

Thanks for listening, Stan.


Kaleb Smith, MATP



On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 1:28 PM, Stanley Krippner <skrippner@saybrook.edu> wrote:
Hi Kaleb

As I was trying my response, your email disappeared from my screen. But I recall the points I wanted to make.

First of all, do not remove eyeshades again. The spirits had accustomed themselves to hypnopompia, and to shift into anther consciousness makes it hard for them to continue.

Second, it is too early to determine just what they want from you. But you have been doing a find job in writing down the experiences. The direction will come later. I have other friends and students undergoing similar experiences. My hunch is that these people are being "groomed" to play a leading role in planetary change. But if this an actually shamanic or shamanic-like "call," you must be prepared for the "ordeal." This is a common part of shamanic training, and some do not survive it. Other drop out of the training as it is overwhelming for them.

Is there some way you could get Saybrook credit for these accounts? You do a fine job of writing them down and describing them.



Stanley Krippner
4:14 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
Yes all of this is part of the ordeal. This is heavy stuff and not everyone survives. So I would urge you to take extra care, and keep caring people around you (as in the circle you described). Harner is right about the synchronicities. These are suggestions you are on the right path. But where is this to lead? That is your question and that is my question.
Of course you are not the only person I am working with regarding these "calls." For one of them, the direction has been answered, and this person has found a job working with children where these capacities can be put to practical use, and it a facility that has not idea that they have employed a proto-shaman.

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