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Hi Stan,

To answer your question, I'm not sure, specifically, what all of the meaningful opportunities that have followed the visit from the 3 Finnish white light girls are leading towards. The opportunities seem to be leading me towards accessing my greater spiritual potential, and to learn to control/direct this unusual quivering energetic sensation of the chest. But, secondly, many of the synchronicities arising since I returned from the forest involve community -- a circle of like-minded and receptive people, holding ceremonies, who have welcomed me with open arms and hearts. There has been a recognition among these people of my unusual sensitivity, yet their recreational psychedelic use is not at all in line with what I'm attempting to achieve, my meeting them has led to an influx of powerful and pure psychedelics, for me to use in any way or context I choose.

As tools, the psychedelics seem to be reopening those spiritual aspects of my self -- those facets that had scared me in the past. While I have not had full-body convulsions, the night before last I had someone put their hand on my chest to feel the intense quivering that came with meditation there, as I nearly stopped breathing again; like a high amplitude current that they were, too, able to close their eyes and allow to spread to their body as they dropped down into a non-ordinary state with me.

The question of how best to proceed, given all of these new opportunities that the 3 ancestral spirit women seem to have arranged, has been in my mind nearly every day. As I learned in the past, they will set you up with amazing and beautiful synchronistic opportunities, but it remains my choice to accept them, and utilize them. They will not carry me! These bizarrely synchronous meetings that have fallen into my lap seem to point to the disciplined use of psychedelics within a community of spiritually-minded people.

I had two profound experiences in a circle of people this week, and one the week before. All of them were new, in that some intense vibratory sensation extended down my arms and into my hands. I began to hyperventilate uncontrollably and could no longer feel my fingers, this energy in my hands became so strong. Two people stood up and left the room, this uncontrollably energetic phenomena became so intense. I tried to stop the breath, but it was so much energy coming up through me, I could not -- the momentum of it was overwhelming and a bit scary.

I recorded the whole ordeal with a microphone, and am trying to keep record as best I can, but I know that the real next step would be to record the oscillatory aspect of whatever is happening to my nervous system during these bouts of quivering energy.

Now that I suddenly have access to any and every entheogen, in pure clean form, my question is which would help me to access this my greater spiritual potential in a safe and reliable way? What entheogen, and what technique or ceremony surrounding it, is most effective at a accomplishing those shamanic goals of "learning to see and hear more," and form a working relationship with spirit in healing, with the least side effects?

That sensory neurotransmitter, DMT, seems to carry the least residual or hangover effect. Minimal long term ego death, the personality remains mostly intact -- assumably, because it is endogenous, and we have specialized cells designed to carry it across the blood/brain barrier; neurons which literally hunger for the chemical messenger, and quickly consume it. Yet, the best way to administer and ritualize the compound are beyond me.

The presence of those 3 young Finnish women of white light is meaningful... Today, this video randomly appeared and I cried as I watched it:


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